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Janet street porter talking about how great shower caps are... And how great they work as slippers... Strange woman #fos
Everyone on our table is tweetibg while bob geldof hammers on about some old bollocks
Bob geldof just played my generation on the banjo
Our table appears to be the only one laughing at Alan Carr's jokes ;)
Heading off to the ICA Figures of Speech fundraising gala :)
Cock! Missed my train stop because I was playing FlightControl... Did manage to land 62 aircraft though!
First rule of writing SMS notification apps, DON'T send service notifications at 1:30am! - http://url.ie/1d9f
FlightControl on the iPhone is probably the best 59p I've ever spent... it's SO addictive!
Finally got around to cleaning my desk earlier this week! - http://ping.fm/04iDX

Mar. 20th, 2009

Heading into Canary Wharf for some shopping and dinner with @missneedles