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Yesterday needler and I took a break from working and jumped on the boat to Greenwich for dinner in GBK (who now do onion rings!) with armoury_kim, dj_ben_uk and dj_alexander (the usual suspects then) followed by drinks in the Richard the first where we were joined by Greenwich's newest resident, tga.

At some point the discussion turned to an old CRT iMac we picked up on Freecycle many many years ago. It's too old to use for anything constructive (although it does run OSX) so it's always sat in my office not doing anything.

Anyway, needler seemed to be confused and thought it was pink where I was sure it was red. This was backed up by remembering that it didn't match her hair (which is bright pink) and so must therefore be RED.

The pink/red debate continued for some time and eventually a £10 bet was had. Further heated debate ensued and the bet was slowly raised to £100.

Then the arcane sunday licensing laws kicked in and we all had to leave. We spent the boat ride home discussing the logistics of owning a pink iMac vs that of a red iMac.

We got home to find this monstrosity sitting in my office:

It's not even like I can get away with saying it's a dark pinkish shade of red :(

Still, it was nice to see friends.


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Apr. 14th, 2009 07:15 pm (UTC)
Yes, but is it at least one of the fanless ones?
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